Love in Mid-Autumn Festival, Warm in Cancer Hospital
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Love in Mid-Autumn Festival, Warm in Cancer Hospital



Mid-Autumn is one of Chinese traditional festivals, in which families get together to enjoy delicious mooncake and beautiful sceneries .But patients and their family members of the inpatient department of the tumor hospital were left alone in the ward. So the Social Work Department of Jiangxi Provincial Cancer Hospital organized the Send Love to patients in Mid Autumn Festival activity. The activity praised patients and their families with moon cakes if they finish some tasks. We hope patients and their families can have a warm and happy Mid-Autumn Festival.  Peng Xiangjun, Yuan Yaxuan, and Qiu Ruiyi, the second-year students of the social engineering major at the School of Humanities, organized the event.  About 250 moon cakes were given to patients and their families, more than half of which were donated by teachers and graduated students of the School of Humanities.

The hall was already full of people before the activity started. Everyone read carefully at the crossword puzzles in front of them. There were also some people gathered together to discuss and everyone was excited.  abnormal.  The event also attracted some security guards and cleaners in hospital, who worked with patients and family members to guess crossword puzzles and win moon cakes. What time is for our hospital ward visit?, Liking travelling (a idiom), How much salt to eat every day is reasonable and other topics, including health knowledge and cultural knowledge  In addition, it also involves medical instructions, which brought patients and their families a lot of fun and knowledge in the game.  Due to the large number of participants, three additional activities were temporarily added. 


This activity is especially grateful to the teachers and students of the Humanities College of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics for their strong support. Everyone donated their favorite moon cakes and entrusted us to convey their blessings to the patients and their families in the tumor hospital. The teachers of the college did not forget to personally deliver the moon cakes to the dormitory building after the whole day's class. About 150 mooncakes were received in half a day after the news was sent out.

The value concept of social work is to help others and help themselves, that is, to respect human values and dignity and to pursue social fairness and justice. Caring for vulnerable groups is the sacred mission of social workers. Advocating professional ethics and dedication will enable social workers to play a greater role. At the same time, with the continuous development of society, more and more people devote themselves to public welfare to convey the love between people.

Wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though miles apart. We wish everyone a long and happy Mid-Autumn Festival.




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