Professor Jiang Liping of Beijing Language and Culture University came to the School of Humanities to give lectures
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  On October 18, Professor JiangLipingof Beijing Language and Culture University gave a lecture on the theme of "ideas, methods and skills of Chinese second language classroomteaching"in conference roomy119.ZhuYoulun, Dean of the Chinese Department of the school ofhumanities,hostthelecture.ZengXianfei, Vice Dean, YinChunjiao, and ZhangShanjun, associate professor of the school of foreign languages attended the lecture.

       Professor Jiang's views on undergraduate Chinese teaching are mainly from two aspects: teaching concept and teachingmethod.In terms of teaching philosophy, she stressedthat Chinese teachingneedsto be student-centered, and provide more opportunities for students to learn independently, so that students have initiative andcreativity.In addition, teachers should do "intensive speaking and more practice" to help students combine knowledge and skills, so as to achieve the best teachingeffect.In Professor Jiang's eyes, one of the most important points in Chinese teaching is the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability of using language, which emphasizes on the cultivation of culturalability.In terms of teaching methods, she believes that teachers should pay attention to the basis of Chinese teaching design (including the concept of Chinese teaching, the overall goal of the subject, and thecurrent teaching methods,etc.).Only by combining the basic situation of teaching design, can we improve the effectiveness of teaching and achieve the purpose of teaching to a large extent.

        For the discussion of the effectiveness of classroom teaching, Professor Jiang put forward somesuggestions.First of all, teachers' design of teaching content should be based on the general syllabus of international Chineseteaching,and on this basis, we should give full consideration to the Chinese proficiency, native language characteristics, class size and cultural environment of the targetaudience.Secondly, teachers should make clear the classroom teaching objectives and carry out effective teaching design so that students can improve their comprehensive language use ability and develop their knowledge, skills, emotions and methods in an all-roundway.

        Finally, Professor Jiang interacted with the students enthusiastically and answered their questions indetail.This meeting strengthened the attention of teachers of Chinese international education to the concept of Chinese teaching and put forward guiding suggestions for theChinese teaching mode of ourschool.(Text/YanXinxin,HuangLin,Picture/SchoolofHumanities)

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