The 19 grade journalism and communication freshman of Humanities Institute visited Jiangxi daily
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  On the afternoon of October 23, more than 80 students, led by HuangHaiyan, an associate professor and majoring in journalismandcommunication at the19gradeof theSchoolof humanities, visited"ganpoyun" in Jiangxi Daily.

       At about 14 o'clock in the afternoon, the freshmen arrived at the media building of Jiangxi Daily by bus amidlaughter.The speaker first introduced Jiangxi Daily's "past life and present life" to thestudents,in the presence of technologyvideo, a thick sense of historywascoming.The speaker then introduced the Jiangxi news client, the"ganpoyun" fusion media screen and the news production process of"ganpoyun",and invite the students to slide the big screen, turn the passive into the active, and actively understand the news production process of"ganpoyun" fusion media "central scheduling, one-time collection, multiple generation and multiplecommunication".

       With the advent of 5g era and the trend of video development,"ganpoyun" has also taken the initiative in technologicalinnovation.5g integration test area and "three-dimensional newspaper" let studentsfeel the charm of new era andnewtechnology.Theyshowedthe determination of"ganpoyun" to always attach importance to and adhere toinnovation.Under the guidance of the development trend of the new era and chairman XiJinping'sadvocacy of the idea of integratingmedia into deep development,"Ganpoyun" will continue to update anddevelop.Through the on-the-spot screen showed, the students also got a general understanding of thedevelopment history and content of the"Ganpoyun",we knew more about the potential of"ganpoyun".

       Finally, the staff of Jiangxi Daily patiently answered a series of questions about "face recognition", "voice recognition", "content audit" and so on, hope that students can better plan their career and life in the future and draw a blueprint for the future of new media through this visit.(Text/ZhangWenyi,YuanFangqi,HuangLin)

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