Professor Zheng Bingwen, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is employed as "guest professor" of our school
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  On the afternoon of November 16, Professor ZhengBingwen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference,researcher of the American Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciencesdoctoral supervisor and director of the world social security research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was invited by our school as a guest professor. Professor LuFucaithe president of JUFE, personally issued the certificate of"guestprofessor"to Professor Zheng, and both of them jointly inaugurated the "Asia Pacific Economic and social development research center".The event was hosted by Professor YinZhonghai,Dean of theSchool of HumanitiesMore than 100 teachers and students attended the meeting.

  After his speech on appointment, Professor ZhengBingwen gave an academic lecture entitled "transformation of social security levy system and top-leveldesign".Starting from his personal experience of the reform of the social insurance levy system in recent years, he analyzed that the root of the "difficulty in levying social insurance premiums" in China lies in institutionalfactors. Later, he introduced the theory of "competition neutrality",pointed out that the current social insurance system is still in the premise of "transactional"system,pointedout that there are many problems in the collection system of social security expenses, such as "non neutral taxation", "non neutral supervision" and soon. Itleadedthe present situationofstate-owned enterprises to have "advantages of resource supervision + disadvantages of social security supervision", while private enterprises to have "disadvantages of resource supervision + advantages of social securitysupervision".This kind of social security not only hinders the smooth transition from "levy" to"taxation", but also severely restricts the development of private enterprises and China'seconomy.Finally, ProfessorZhengsuggested that starting from the principle of "competitionneutrality",we should not only reduce the burden of social insurance premium, but also break the dual system structure of social insurance premium collection and payment, seize the strategic opportunity and improve the top-level design of social insurance premium collection and paymentmechanism.

  In the interactive part, Professor Zheng answered the students' questions patiently and carefully.Professor Jun Tang, director of Asia Pacific Economic and social development research center, made a concluding speech,introduced the functional orientation of the center, encouraged students to actively learn foreign languages and strive to become talents with international competitiveness.Through this lecture, students have contacted the forefront of social insurance research, and have a deeper understanding of the relationship between social security reform and the fate of thecountry.(Text/YinHui,Huang Lin,Picture/LiXinrong,YangLu,ZhangWeyan)

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