Master of Journalism and communication, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (MJC)
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Master of Journalism and communication (MJC)
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Department of the first run the speciality of economic news (1996) the college currently has, journalism, drama and Film Studies and a master of science and journalism, advertising, cultural industry management major.
Master's degree in journalism and communication (MJC) education based on "management characteristics", for domestic and foreign training "understand finance, management, good communication" Applied Journalism talent. Under three training direction:
1 financial news practice
2 digital communication and marketing practice
3 media and cultural industry management
The master of a total of more than 50 full-time and part-time master tutor, strong teachers, mainly the creation of digital media practice, media operation and management practice, financial news, financial news commentary practice practice, financial news reports, media news editors, consumer behavior research, precision marketing theory and practice, media brand communication project evaluation and demonstration of advanced practice course.
Two, enrollment target
1 national recognition of academic graduates.
2 persons with national recognized Bachelor degree.
3 to obtain national recognition of vocational education after graduation, after 2 years or 2 years, reached with the university graduates are equivalent personnel.
4 state recognized undergraduate degree and adult colleges and universities (including ordinary colleges and universities organized by adult higher degree education) graduates, according to the equivalent of undergraduate education applicants. Self undergraduate and undergraduate education network must be confirmed before the deadline to obtain a diploma recognized university bachelor party can apply for registration in the scene.
Three, entrance examination
The entrance exam is divided into two stages of test and retest.
1: the first to participate in the annual national exam
(1) the first test subjects: Ideological and Political Theory (out of 100);
English two or Russian or Japanese (full score of 100);
Comprehensive ability of Journalism and communication (150 points);
The basis of Journalism and communication major (out of 150).
(2) main bibliography
Tong Bing: introduction to theoretical journalism and communication, Renmin University of China press, 2011.
Yan 39: media management and management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology press, 2012.
2 re: school organization to evaluate the initial qualified students.
Four, registration procedure
1 online registration: every year in mid October, candidates login China graduate admissions information network, apply for registration according to the online browse notice, notice requirements, and carefully check the registration information to confirm the registration date, the examinee can modify the information network reported, fails to change.
2 register scene confirmation: mid November each year, candidates carry valid identity certificate, degree certificate and online registration number to my account or location specified in the provincial education entrance examination institutions register to confirm registration. At the same time pay examination fee, collecting the examinee information of the image, if no longer required.
3 ticket printing: candidates before the exam with the network name and password login Chinese graduate admissions information network download print ticket.
Five, training and reward
(1) Master degree education in journalism and communication, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, two years of schooling, tuition fees of up to 12 thousand per year, a total of $24 thousand.
(2) Journalism and communication of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics master's degree education "training mentoring", freshmen arrangement according to the actual situation teaching form, every year will be organized by a group of students to institutions well-known excellent in character and learning of Journalism and communication, investigation and study.
(3) students in the prescribed number of required credits, through the graduation reply and approved by the academic degree committee after the audit, full-time diploma and degree certificate can be issued by the national unity.
(4) the first choice candidates and admission test and retest scores ranking first by one-time award 5000 yuan.
(5) according to the school regulations, full-time students can get grants 6000 yuan / year, and can obtain the highest academic scholarships 15 thousand yuan / year, and participating national scholarship (20 thousand yuan / person).
Six, journalism and communication disciplines development events
1996, set up economic news undergraduate (the first national)
In 1999, for radio and television journalism, advertising specialty
2006, approved communications, radio and television art two disciplines master
2010, approved journalism, drama and Film Science Master degree
2014, approved the master of Journalism and communication professional degree points, Jiangxi excellent news dissemination talent training base
Admissions consulting
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