The 2017 session of School of Humanities difficult graduates one-time job subsidies list publicity
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      According to the provincial Office of human resources, the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of education, Provincial Federation of the disabled "on a difficult one-time job for college graduates and college students entrepreneurship subsidies one-time business subsidies work notice" (Jiangxi Social [2015]355), according to the "voluntary, fair and open" principle, to apply for subsidies graduates of the qualification examination and verification, the following students meet the conditions of subsidies. According to the requirements of the document, will determine the list of subsidies in the college network publicity five days, opinions please reflect to the college. Specific list is as follows:
      1, Jiangxi difficult graduates apply for a one-time job subsidies list:
      Zhang Qiping, Xia Fanqiang, Guo Jiewen, Wang Caiyun, Zhu Hengshan, Yan Haiyun, Liu Yanping, He Yan, Peng Linfeng, and Fu Beilei
      2, Jiangxi college students one-time business subsidies application list:
      Yao Yao Chen
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