School of humanities 2016 recommended exemption graduate interview results publicity
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      September 13th 2pm in Ying Lu Y429,School of Humanities in 2016 recommended exemption graduate interview begins. There are nine judges, Dean Yin Zhonghai, party secretary Yang Shangyong, vice president Wang Yuqi, party secretary Liyuan, Professor Luo Bing, etc..
      In accordance with the basic requirements of the relevant documents, there are five students from News, Advertising, social work and other professional obtain push from the interview, they are: Lu Haoyang, Mi Yao, Shi Mengdi, Zhang Junbin, Yili xian.
      After the interview, each student have had 3 minutes of self introduction, and then stated personal experience, and finally the judges ask questions from the professional perspective, each student answers the questions.
      After the interview, the score of the nine judges from the sub group scoring, accounting and verification. Interview results are now as follows:

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