Notice of the first half of 2016 the National Putonghua test registration
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Whole school teachers and students:
      The first half of 2016 Putonghua training and testing registration has started, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
Participants and requirements
      The Putonghua test object for my school did not participate in the Putonghua proficiency test or participated in the test but did not meet the staff and students, will not receive the school staff.
(Note: apply for teacher's qualification certificate of Putonghua must reach more than two B level, which apply to Chinese teachers, kindergarten and teaching Chinese as a foreign language teacher qualification students Putonghua must reach above two grade for Mandarin teachers and speech teacher students should reach to the Mandarin class B).
Two, certificate
To pass the exam, Putonghua proficiency test certificate issued by the State Language Commission printed, national general "".
Three, training and testing
Training content: basic theory, Mandarin Mandarin pronunciation; composition of Putonghua proficiency test content, test papers and scoring rules; test procedures, rules and skills; test methods. Participate in training is conducive to understand the test procedures, test methods, correct pronunciation errors, thereby effectively improve test scores.
Registration time training time examination time to receive certificate time
April 11th to May 3rd, one month after the end of the examination in the month of May 7th, on the month of May 15th
Registration and training locations in wheat mailuyuan College of humanities.
Four, registration and fee standards
Registration are used online registration, training site confirmed form. Online registration from April 11th to May 3rd. Online registration must upload photos as required (photo ratio of 390*567). Training on-site payment, confirmation, candidates will bring ID cards, school cards, registration fees (self change).
Please pay attention to the effectiveness of the picture, otherwise the provincial language audit unqualified disqualified.
Half an hour before training on-site payment, confirmation (no agency or individual collection), please candidates will bring registration fees, identity cards, campus cards.
Network registration please click URL:
Charges: students 105 yuan / person, teachers $113 / person (including training, testing, audit fees). Putonghua test materials can be purchased on their own ("Putonghua Proficiency Test and training course" second edition, Jiangxi University Press).
Five, contact the way
Telephone: 0791-83842005
Online registration, please pay attention to the update page.
Web site: academic home page humanities college homepage
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April 9, 2016

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