School of Humanities summer social practice project Jing Gang red won the central outstanding task
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      In December 19th, the Central Committee has issued a "special events" Jing gang love • China dream "national college students summer practice selection results,  The social practice Summer projects of the School of Humanities outstanding from the national 721 project.
      The event, led by teacher Si Donglei, 15 students together, for a period of seven days shooting in Jinggangshan, complete a new media culture products - red micro film "Jing Gang red". The team integrated use of audio-visual language profound interpretation of Jinggangshan red spirit, highlight the "red" belief, tells the story of a rebellious girl, in order to complete the grandfather's wishes, she started in Jinggangshan journey, during a visit to the Jinggangshan revolutionary relics, moved gradually by the revolutionary predecessors deeds and spirit, began to have a new understanding of Grandpa, she eventually became a national youth education base lecturer, through her language red story to every young people, let the seeds of red in more people's heart. Once released, caused widespread concern on the Internet, more than  hits exceeded 50000 in a month.(photo / Xu Shang)

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