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The Famous Calligrapher Mr. Xi Shu Gave a Lecture on Calligraphy for Foreign Students
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The famous calligrapher Xi Shu, a distinguished professor in college of humanities, gave lectures on Chinese calligraphy art on May 18, 2017 for 40 foreign students and brought a feast to the Chinese excellent traditional culture.


The famous calligrapher Mr. Xi Shu came to School of humanities to give a lecture on "calligraphy". Through the history of calligraphy teaching, this lecture enable foreign students to understand the history of the development of calligraphy, and the important factors leading to changes in the era of calligraphic style; through the experience of classical works of copy style features to enable foreign students to understand and familiar with ancient calligraphers and aesthetic tendency, so as to improve the ability of calligraphy appreciation and writing ability of foreign students, and then deepen the understanding of traditional culture.


In the lecture, foreign students listened to Mr Xi carefully and gave exquisite interpretation of representative works, as if returned together to the history that a stunning calligraphy era, with feelings of that solemn or graceful. Mr XI started from the development history, calligrapher calligraphy and calligraphy inscription to the ancient classic commentary. At the same time,  guide over-sea students to feel close to writing strokes and aesthetic characteristics of ancient calligraphers patiently, not only let the students have a very systematic understanding of history books, improve the calligraphy appreciation and writing level, and a traditional art has a new understanding as to the calligraphy.


This activity is part of the Chinese corner activity of foreign students this semester. From folk music, tea art and folkloric themes to today's calligraphy, the Chinese corner has not only built a bridge between Chinese and foreign students' language and culture exchange, but also a great stage for the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture.

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Mr. Xishu is a famous calligrapher in China, and the founder of the Xi Shu” book house, he was selected as the "ten leading figures in Chinese cultural industry". Mr. Xishu is a distinguished professor in the humanities school. He has focused on the research and practice of calligraphy teaching for a long time, and has formed a complete set of calligraphy teaching system.

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