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JUFE’s Student Won Prize in the 4th Chinese Language Competition for International Students
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On 12th of January,2016the final contest of the 4th Chinese Language Competition for International Students in Jiangxi Province was successfully finished. Cong Xu, JUFE’s Canadian student, made an excellent performance in the competition and won the second-class reward.

Top ten competitors who participated in the final contest were selected among 47 contestants recommended by 19 different universities of Jiangxi province in the violent semi-final. The final contest consisted of three rounds: “Green Jiangxi”, “Colorful Ganpo” and “Moving Jiangxi”. In the first round, all competitors should choose and read one essay describing the ten different famous scenic spots of Jiangxi, including Teng Wang Pavilion, Mount Lushan and the Mount Jinggang, etc. Due to his solid Chinese foundation and his outstanding performance, Cong Xu ranked first in the first round, successfully entered to the second round.

    In the second round, five competitors showed their brilliant talents and fascinating personalities through the performances in a wide variety, such as Chinese martial arts, Chinese painting, comic sketch and so on. JUFE’s competitor Cong Xu expressed his gratitude and filial obedience through his performance of the song “Where did the time go”. All audiences were immersed in his deep but powerful voice.

    After the attractive talent performance, competitors should pick one questions with Chinese characteristics and culture elements of Jiangxi. Though these questions were very difficult to foreigners, all competitors defeated all difficulties and answered all questions correctly with their stable performances.

    Finally, Cong Xu from JUFE won the second-class reward in the competition, other two competitors from JUFE, Akbota and Chris won the outstanding reward separately. Three teachers from JUFE were entitled with the excellent tutoring teachers, JUFE won Best Organization Award. It is JUFE’s best achievements since the 1st Chinese Language Competition for International Students in Jiangxi Province.

Our students success in the competition showed a great achievement of JUFE in the education to the foreign students. It is our teachers’ guidance of participating students that help foreign students to understand the extensive and profound Chinese culture through the competition.

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