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The Third Jiangxi Foreign Students Chinese Contest Ended, Our School Won Success
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On November 22, the third Jiangxi foreign students Chinese contest ended at Nanchang university hall, which sponsored by Jiangxi Provincial Education Department, undertook by Nanchang university. Our school foreign students Ali,from Albania,and Meng Yiqing,a kazakhstan girl , entered the top 20 final, and ultimately to obtain a third-prize, an award and a excellent organization award ,which is the best results in our history. Vice President Wang Xiaoping was invited to attend the awards ceremony.

    From Albania,  Ali fluent in Chinese, good at singing and dancing. When making self-introduction, she use a more fluent Chinese interpretation of his understanding of Chinese culture, " By the river bank lush reeds grow, covered in dew white as snow;

    The beauty I want to know, is somewhere along the river flow; Wading against the running water, along a tough and windy path I go; Swimming down the river flow, I find her right in the middle. Especially when she sang Teresa Teng's song "in the water side", the whole audience cheers.

    In this contest, Ouyang Wei and Ye Hui, teachers of Department of Chinese, gave a professional language instruction for the players. from the primary to the semi-finals, from the introduction to a talent show, speaking from the idiom answer to the theme , after a bitter contest smoothly into the final. The contest got a good harvest, Which fully embodies the teaching for foreign students in our school, our School of Humanities will also continue to work hard to promote Chinese language and culture, carry forward the era theme, promote the unique culture of JiangXi.

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