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International Chinese Teachers From Humanities School Received Training at ECNU
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In order to meet needs in improving the teaching method and needs to apply for the Confucius institute, 16 Chinese language teachers from humanities school and 8 from foreign language school head for East China Normal University (ECNU)in August to receive a specially one-month training.

International Chinese Language Teacher Training Center of East China Normal University specially  designed series of courses for them: the hot issue of the international Chinese education, Chinese lexicology and vocabulary teaching, Chinese phonetics and pronunciation teaching, knowledge of Chinese characters and Chinese characters teaching, the foundation of the Chinese grammar teaching, Chinese language teaching and methods, the Chinese culture, Chinese language teaching view and analysis. And sent experts and scholars such as Zhang Jianmin, Ye Jun to deep the teachers teaching. Our teachers seize the rare opportunity to study hardly, finish Chinese lessons, through the strict test, and finally get the training certificate.

As we all know, ECNU is one of the earliest universities to engage in Chinese education in China. International Chinese Language Teacher Training Center is the first center established by Han Ban in China in 2008.  

Relying on the school comprehensive strength in the field of humanities and social disciplines, using the rich resources of international communication, the Center strive to create a first-class services platform of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and academic research.( by Xianying Chen )

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