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The Introduction of Journalism and Communication Depertment(updated December. 2015)
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        The major of Journalism was founded in 1996 (the original name was News of Economics).
        It cultivates proiessional news practitioners who learn both News and Economics. with a distinctive specialized ability. Currently it has been approved of the Jiangxi Province Outstanding Economic News Media Practitioner Project, and it owns three Master ' s Degree Programs, including Journalism and Communication. Drama and Film Art. a Professional Master ' s degree of Journalismand Communication.
        We have an excellent teaching team, Some of whom have visiting scholar experience in foreign universities such as the University of Missouri, the University of Virginia, Kyoto LJniversity in Japan and the Edith Cowan Universityin Australia.
        There are many exchange student projects with overseas universities such as Swansea University in the UK. Edith Cowan University in Australia, and other universities. Nearly 40% of our graduates are working in the Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, LeTV, Sina, Shanghai Oriental TV Station. Phoenix TV Station, Beijing News, Securities Times, CBN, Guangzhou Daily, Southern Weekend and other city and provincial media networks.

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