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The Introduction of Chinese Literature Department
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         Chinese Literature Department of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, founded in 2002, is targeted to recruit undergraduate students of Chinese language and literature. In 2003, Chinese Literrature Department won the authorization of master's degree of Chinese ancient literature. In 2006, Chinese ancient literature win the Key Discipline of Jiangxi province.

         Chinese Literature Department have 24 teachers, including 3 professors, 9 associate professor and 12 lecturer. Among them, 2 teachers are Subject Leaders of Jiangxi province , 5 are backbone teachers of JUFE.

        Chinese Literature Department offers 2 communal courses and many professional courses. Communal courses includes  College Chinese (It is Excellent Course of JUFE) and the Writing of Finance and Economics( it is Excellent Course of Jiangxi Province).
        Now, it currently opened in three research direction: the research of Ancient drama and novel, drama and novel research of Song and Yuan Dynasties, Modern literature research of Ming and Qing dynasties. Among them, Songwriter research, research of Ancient drama and novel , modern literary research of Ming and Qing dynasties is in a leading research position in Jiangxi province and also has a great influence in China.

        Since 2005, teachers of Chinese Literature Department published 9 papers in Guangming Daily, the Literature Review and the Literary Heritage(Chinese highest research magazine) , more than 300 papers in the national core magazine, Over 20 monograph publications.  The Department also undertaken 7 national level research programs , more than 30  province level research programs ; It won 1 prize of national research level, 8 provincial level, and 1 teaching achievement prizes of provincial level .

        Chinese Literature Department established close academic relationship with many universities and research institutes, and conducted various forms of scientific research cooperation and academic exchanges, teachers' participation important conferences every year in the international and domestic level. In August 2006, It successfully hosted the "international research Congress of China’s Ci", in October 2008, successfully held "the 12th annual seminar of China College Chinese". These academic conference brought larger influence for Chinese Literature Department. In addition, it also invited many famous scholars prompt academic lectures and communications, such as Zhongyu Xu , Senhua Ji, Yi Yang, Furui Zhan, Zhaopeng Wang , Wenpeng Tao etc.

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